4th World Music Festival “Todo Mundo”

Fourth edition of the festival “Todo Mundo”, the premier Belgrade festival fully dedicated to the world music scene, is bringing new magical journeys to faraway places! The journey around the world will take all of us on the way from China to Hungary, with important stops in Serbia and the region. For the first time, the festival presents folk dance tradition, in a new manner.

One of the most difficult questions asked from journalists, audience, as well as musicians themselves is: “What is the meaning of the term World Music, how to define it and how wide we should understand it?” This question has its philosophical, musical and ethical points. The answers are numerous and you will find different opinions in the books, essays, magazines, on web forums, in the interviews or in the festival programs.

“Todo Mundo” has been giving own contribution to this discussion with the festival programs since the beggining. This year, the variety, so charasteristic for the whole world music scene is even more vivid. Music of the Hungarian legends Muzsikas and local group Belo Platno are mostly based on the traditional music. Chinese globtrotters Hanggai are on the other side of the world music spectrum, showing that Asian classical, traditional and modern music are also  considered as world music.. The festival is, for the first time, giving space to dance, which is so often connected closely to the music and tradition, this time in fresh and lively version. Novelty this year is the live broadcast of the festival opening concert of Italian group Orchestrina Adriatica on TV RTS Digital and on Radio Belgrade 3.

Part of the program are the seminar and the workshop, testifying that there is increasing interest among young musicians for world music, traditional instruments and different cultures. Few groups in the program are consisted of musicians from different countries, diversed cultures and traditions, which are not always close to each other.

Many of us will say: “Belgrade is The World”, but with gratitude to this festival, in Belgrade is the whole wide world – Todo Mundo.

The program:

April 21st  at 21.00 – Studio 6 Radio Beolgrade

Orchestrina Adriatica (Italy)


April 24th at u 20.00 – Dom omladine Beograda, Amerikana

Belo platno (Serbia) with guest

Hanggai (China)


April 25th at 20.00 – Dom omladine Beograda, Big Hall

Tutti World Music Orchestra (Serbia, Norway, Palestine, Turkey, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonija)

AKUD Branko Krsmanović: “Opa! Oro s onog sveta” (Serbia)


April 26th at  20.00 – Dom omladine Beograda, Big Hall

Arhai (Serbia/UK)

Muzsikas (Hungary)Todo-Mundo-2015-Baner-RR

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