Boris Kovač and La Campanella

La Campanella suggests a direct experience of a world barely visible upon the ruins of history, an inner space bringing individuals closer together in humanity, in a way that our actual reality – despite its all-powerful communication devices – cannot. Where La Campanella is in the air, Central European and Mediterranean sentimental spaces are interrelated by the treads of nostalgia, joy, tristeza, romantic enthusiasm, melancholy…
What this band serves is a synthesis among jazz, world, contemporary music and crossover with a remarked touch of folk elements. La Campanella, like modern Troubadours, offers the audience a lighthearted sentimental voyage into the world after history in a unique cabaret performance.
La Campanella originated in 2004 as the natural continuation of Kovac’s prestigious project “La danza apocalypsa Balkanika” with LaDaAba Orchest, widely-known because of the two legendary CD’s, “The Last Balkan Tango” and “Ballads at the End of Time”. In its new formation, La Campanella published in 2005 the album “World after history” and in 2012 the brand new album “Fly by…”: sophisticated, romantic, post-historic entertainment for open hearts, free minds and adventurous travelers.


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