Ring Ring Festival 2012

Promo concert – Ulaz besplatan

11.05. Kulturni centar REX, 20.30

Paolo Angeli/Takumi Fukushima (Italija/Japan)

17.05. Kulturni centar REX, 20.00

Ultima Armonia (Srbija)

El Infierno Musical (Austrija/SAD/Australija)

18.05. Kulturni centar REX, 20.00

Tibor Szemzo (Madjarska)

Tetras (Svajcarska /Holandija)

19.05. Kulturni centrar Rex, 20.00

Sonore Brotzmann/Gustafsson/Vandermark (Nemacka/Svedska/SAD)

QUAT Van Hove/ Vandeweyer / Blume / Lovens (Belgija/Nemacka)

19.05. Muzej Savremene Umetnosti, 23.00 ulaz slobodan

Svetlana Maraš (Srbija) plays Rekonstrukcija

Ken Vandermark & Mats Gustafsson (SAD/Svedska) doing creative/free DJing

20.05. Kulturni centar REX, 20.00

Georg Wissel/Paul Lytton (D/GB)

Michel Doneda/ Jerome Noetinger/Thomas Lehn (Francuska/Nemacka)

feat. Nenad Markovic (Srbija)

21.05. Dvorana Kolaraceve zaduzbine, 20.30

Fish in Oil (Srbija)

Atomic (Norveska/Svedska)


10.-13.05. Vračarska bašta Centra za likovno obrazovanje Šumatovačka

From 10th to 13th of May in Vračar garden of Šumatovačka – Center of fine arts, Karkatag collective
continues series of creative mechanics “What can I make…?” with the workshop “Cog music”.

This time wheel is turned towards sound. The new workshop is exploring musical potential of metal and
mechanical scrap, sonority, volume and color of tone of rusty metal. By that Karkatag collective is putting
sound characteristics of mechanisms before their natural kinetic function.
From old scrap machines/mechanisms musical instruments and devices are made.
Newly made creations will be presented/set into operation on Ring Ring festival.

Project was supported by Secretariat for Sport and Youth of City of Belgrade and Šumatovačka – Center
of fine arts.


19. & 20.05. Visoka skola elektrotehnike i racunarstva


Radionica Jeroen Visser & Tetras

“Across notes, knobs and bars”

Jeroen Visser  kept an interest in electronic music and soundscapes, and after hisstudies of Sonology at the Utrecht University, he was working at the Electronic Music Studio of the Sweelinck Conservatory as music technologist. After the Millennium he opened a sound- studio in Zürich called F.ishing B.akery L.abs, with this creating his own workshop and specializing on mobile multitrack recordings. Customers include the Alliance Ethio-Française, the Goethe Institute, DRS2, the Taktlos Festival, the Ex, Buda Musique, and the Imperial Tiger Orchestra to name a few.

In 2004 a project with Julien Baillod was started under the name of ./morFrom/. to investigate the gray area between sound and music, using soundscapes and instrumental improvisation.

Some topics at the workshop would be:  exploring our instruments,   listening to context, listening to instruments, listening!,  strategies to improvise,  improvise!

21.05. Muzicka skola „Stankovic“

Radionica Paul Lytton/Georg Wissel